Snow Action Magazine Review of Action Sports Anchor

Snow Action Magazine Contributor and Ski Instructor Trent Abberfield put Action Sports Anchor to the test for an entire year. Here's what he had to say...

"The Aussie made Action Sports Anchor is a product the just makes sense. You will never drop, or lose, your phone again – in the snow or out and about anywhere. 

Freeride World Tour athlete Vaughn Hardwick is another Action Sports Anchor fan © Action Sports Anchor

Personal electronics are expensive, whether its your new iPhone, you latest Go-Pro, or the radio you give your children to help keep in touch with them on the slopes. The Action Sports Anchor can save all of these items from being lost – on the slopes or in the water or outdoors generally.

This simple and inexpensive Australian made product is fantastic.

I have been using one for over a year now. As a ski instructor, I use my phone a lot to take photos for guests on ski lifts. Phones are expensive and Action Sports Anchor’s simple tether system give me the confidence to know that if I fumble and drop my phone that it’s not lost in the snow or smashed onto the rocks below.

Its metal clips and simple design allow the phone simply to be pulled back up. I have tried dropping my phone deliberately and it worked as advertised.

No more chairlift phone drops © Action Sports Anchor

It also helps attach any other type of electronic device to your ski jacket as well.

The Action Sport Anchor is used by Vaughn Hardwick, an Aussie Who Competes in the World Freeride Tour.

It is Australian owned and manufactured, which is rare for equipment in the snow sports world.

It works 100% as advertised and can save you big bucks from a lost or destroyed phone. It attaches to most Phone Cases and attaches to a Zipper easily. It has even been used at big music festivals to protect phones against being dropped and lost in a Mosh Pit!

Go out and get this simple but effective device that works and can save you a lot of heartache.

Mount Beauty Paraglider Erin Francis is another fan – you wouldn’t want to drop your phone out like this flying above Kossen In The Austrian Alps .. Also great for tradies, bike riders and more!"