Global Reviews

ELLEN from the USA

5 Stars! Very lightweight and convenient: well-designed product

April 20, 2024

I purchased this lanyard fr a trip to Antarctica. Trying to take photos while climbing on and off Zodiaks and fumbling with layers of gloves and handwarmers necessitated a secure, reliable lanyard for my Samsung Galaxy phone and this is the best i Found. It's very lightweight, easy to attach and convenient to clip onto a belt loop or zipper tab. I used it constantly for 2 weeks and it definitely saved my phone from taking a deep dive into the Gerlache Strait. It does require a case to attach it to (I looped it around the plastic edge of the USB plug.)

The designer of this product definitely was familiar with the challenges of managing a phone during vigorous outdoor activities. I will definitely use it again when I am photographing outdoors, especially in challenging conditions. 


ERICA from the USA

5 Stars! Must have to avoid losing your phone

January 28, 2024

I bought this for a cruise to take pictures without fear of dropping my phone in the ocean! I debated between this product and a cuter crossbody strap, but ultimately went with this one because (1) it was less expensive, and (2) I can use it while hiking and skiing where the crossbody strap / chain would have been less functional / out of place. 

I LOVE that there are spring clips so you can clip this practically anywhere! I did wear it hung around my neck on the cruise. Worked perfect! So glad I have this!


JAMWEAR from Australia  

5 Stars! Exactly what I wanted 

December 14, 2023

Perfect for ease of mind that we won't lose our phones while travelling. Love that it's an Australian product.


FAY NEBE from Australia 

5 Stars! Great!

December 7, 2023

We used them in Europe they were great!


JOEDM from Australia

4 stars – Pretty good overall

April 17, 2023

The bungee idea is better than a non elastic option that most lanyards and tethers have.

The cord is thin enough to be out of the way but still robust to save your phone or camera when it’s most needed.

Great for travelling and trying to get those shots while holding your phone over the edge of a balcony etc.

1 improvement would be to include some sort of rotating swivel where the attachment to the device would be, as I often have to unrotate my phone if I’ve been using it a bit.

Also would be good to include some of those attachments that can be inserted inside a phone case.


GTB from Australia

5 stars – Handy for travel

February 4, 2023

Bought this to keep my mobile safe for when I travel overseas. Easy to attach without looking too clumsy.



5 Stars – Security

January 20, 2023

Definitely a must to have for our upcoming ski trip. New phone, no worries with this anchor. Highly recommend.


JACK from Australia 

5 Stars! If you have a boat or fish you need one of these!

May 23, 2022

We’ve already lost one phone overboard and this Sports Anchor has now saved another. One end attaches easily to phone and then the other end to a lifejacket or belt loop. For under $20 it can save you $100’s and a lot of headaches


RICHARD BARTLETT from Australia 

5 Stars! Useful piece of kit

February 2, 2023

Great for that little bit more confidence you need when things could just slip off/out of your hand/away.


MAGICK MINX from the United Kingdom 

5 Stars! Using for my neoprene swimming hat

January 3, 2024

Got this to attach my neoprene hat to my wetsuit zip because at the weekend there was one hell of a wave and my hat started swimming away!
Perfect for this as it’s thin but strong!



5 Stars! Parfait

August 9, 2023

Tel comme montré.



5 Stars! Avast, Mateys! This Lanyard Be the Best Treasure This Scallywag Ever Found

February 22, 2024

Listen here, ye landlubbers! This here Sports Phone Lanyard be no ordinary trinket. It be the crown jewel of any pirate's booty! I, Captain Pegleg Pete, have been sailin' the seven seas for years, and me phone has taken a right thrashin'. One minute it be nestled safe in me pocket, the next it be swimmin' with the fishes. But nay more! This here lanyard be a lifesaver (or should I say, phone-saver?).

Here be the reasons this here contraption be pure gold:

**Keeps me phone close: **No more fumblin' in the depths of me pockets while the kraken be attackin'. Now me phone be secured to me like a loyal parrot on me shoulder.
Built like a kraken's beard: This here cord be strong enough to hold an anchor, let alone a measly phone. It be tangled-free too, unlike the mess of fishing line I used to use.
Aye, it be comfy!: Even after a long night of plunderin' and grog-guzzlin', this here lanyard be gentle on me neck. No more feelin' like a parrot's been weighin' me down all day.
Now, there be a few things to consider:

Might not be fancy enough for some scallywags: It be simple and practical, but some pirates might be missin' the gold and jewels. But I say, function over fashion any day!
May not withstand a direct kraken attack: I haven't tested it against the beastie yet, but I'm sure it'll give a good fight.


STUBBYMAN from Canada

5 Stars! Works Great

April 17, 2022

Perfect for skiing and dog walking.


DW BLEVINS from the United Kingdom

5 Stars! Great product and superb customer service

May 23, 2023

I bought 2 of these for my wife and I in February for our March Ski trip after our eldest son lost a go pro skiing 2 years ago and my youngest dropped his phone when getting off a lift in January this year (but fortunately got it back). Leashes are definitely worth while. £14 per leash/anchor is more expensive than many online but the extra cost is definitely worth it. They are well made and low bulk so stash away easily in any pocket and are really unobtrusive if you’re using them externally to attach cameras/phones etc to other outdoor gear biking, paddling etc
We used them every day on a month long ski trip in March and saved phones several times (I will never ski without one again!) On return I just left mine on my phone for when I am mountain biking but I obviously use my phone for every day life. After a couple of months continuous daily use I noticed that part of the cord that is moulded into the white lanyard attachment had started to fray a little. It was very superficial but I thought I’d be proactive and get in touch with the company via Amazon to see if I could buy a replacement part before the wear got worse and become a potential problem. Received an immediate reply from Aaron the inventor/director who said that he would send a replacement free of charge from Australia. Took about a week to arrive (faster than expected) and included was a personal letter from Aaron with a complete replacement anchor and an extra 2 lanyard attachments too. Great product and customer service. Don’t hesitate to buy. We’ll worth the slightly higher price than a lot of tosh out there.


JAMES CRAIG from Canada 

4 Stars! Loops through the case only

December 27, 2023

I wasn’t sure how this worked until I got it. The loop goes through any hole in the case. I hoped there was a way to attach to the phone. My mistake. The item seems to be good otherwise.


HA LE BROCQ from the United Kingdom

4 Stars! Just what I needed, but..

August 22, 2023

I bought this to attach my waterproof phone to my buoyancy aid while paddling, so I didn’t have to wear a bulky waterproof phone pouch and lanyard when on the water. It is really good, but why oh why have I paid 15 quid for what amounts to a piece of elastic and two small clips?! Having said that it does make my phone or anything else easier to access on the water. So four stars from me, one off for the price.



4 Stars! The bungie and small carabiner clips are great

December 25, 2022 

I ended up using a different phone attachment method. I used an adhesive pad with a more robust tethering point for a more secure attachment. The included attachment is made of rubber and is not very secure, I was able to rip it in half by hand. Bungie is A+, I will be picking up a few more for tool small retention while working at height. (Wind Turbines)


ANONYMOUS CUSTOMER from the United Kingdom

5 Stars! Excellent product

July 10, 2023

Great little lanyard, would recommend.


TAI N from the USA

5 Stars! Love it

January 22, 2024

Use it to secure my phone on my jetski. Works great!



5 Stars! Turning out better than I expected

November 2, 2022

This was one of several solutions we purchased before we went on a whale watching trip. The goal being? I have something extra to hold onto for our phones and not drop them in the ocean. We ended up going with the waterproof pouches that we could hang around our neck which is somewhere in a separate review but… This little lanyard is the one that I’ve been using the most on my iPhone mini case. Mainly because I put it on there to test it out and never took it off. I have concerns that overtime it could distort the jelly phone case it’s attached to. But it’s been a couple of months now and it seems to be doing just fine. You can loop it over and make it into a wrist strap or you can attach it to a zipper on your backpack or your hoodie as shown in the pictures and the variable lengths make that useful and just recently I’ve been finding that it makes a good hook at the gym in the locker room to hang phone up and use as a timer right outside the sauna. So it makes your phone handier in a way that some others do not. Not bad for something we were just testing and has turned out to be pretty gosh darn handy of the last eight weeks. But, to be aware, the hooks and material are good quality but it really does just look into your gel case so it’s only as strong as the junkies surround your phone is in terms of securing the actual phone.


MARTIN from the United Kingdom 

5 Stars! Simple and effective

May 18, 2022

Sturdy construction. My daughter loves it & it will save me the headache and cost of having to replace another lost or broken phone. We’ll use ours for family walks, bike rides and ski holidays.



5 Stars! Prefer this over “coil” style lanyards

August 23, 2022

I bought this along with some plastic “coil” style from other brands. I personally prefer the look and feel of this model by a lot. I wanted to hook my Catalyst iPhone case (which has anchors at all 4 corner) to my bag during travel. This is going to work perfectly for my needs. Feels strong and secure and looks like a charging cord so it doesn’t draw as much attention to it as the “coil” style. It has a little bit of stretch to it, which seems noteworthy. Overall, it feels high quality. The little “charm” that is the anchor part for the detachable long cord is a hard rubber so it won’t scratch your phone screen if it touches it. I like that the cord for the little rubber “charm” piece is short so that when the lanyard part isn’t attached, there’s not a big, long charm dangling off your phone. I would buy this again for sure. I got it in black to be more inconspicuous during travel, but I love those bright neon colors they have available that look really sporty.



5 Stars! Great lanyard for travel

August 2, 2023

Love this lanyard in black. It is less bulky, less obtrusive, and easier to attach to a zipper inside my jacket, vest, etc. It’s also More attractive than previous lanyards I’ve tried!! Thanks for nice product. Look forward to using it on upcoming trip to Africa.


AMY B from the USA 

5 Stars! Never fear losing your phone or camera again

January 30, 2022

I’ve tried a few of those strappy phone tether systems and got sick of them interfering with my camera and phone functions or just pealing off my phone when I take it in and out of my pocket.

I’ve been using my Action Sports Anchor for a while now and I love it! It works exactly as advertised - simple, effective and absolutely no screen or camera interference. And the crazy thing is the quality - it’s probably way over engineered for what I need but I love it. I even use it when I travel. I would die without my phone on a flight or losing it on vacation, keeps it safe from theft or from falling out of my pocket when I’m not paying attention. And it’s Australian made quality I can trust every time I use it. 10/10!



5 Stars! Perfect for my needs. It will keep my phone safe but available

January 28, 2023

I am so excited about this lanyard. I am traveling to Europe this spring and this will be great protection to keep my phone safe. It is a great length and also a little stretchy. It gives me enough slack to take photos without being in the way. Easy to attach to my phone.


PEGGY J from the USA 

5 Stars! Great for adventures!

July 22, 2022

Bought this for my trip to Costa Rica. I knew I’d be zip lining and waterfall rappelling and didn’t want to lose my phone. Ended up just issuing it everyday clipping it to my pants or bathing suit strap for water activities. Never worried about losing it and was easy to dig out of my bag by just pulling on the cord. Will definitely be recommending to anyone who has very active activities planned.



5 Stars! Perfect, exactly what I needed

March 21, 2022

This product does exactly what I needed it for. I can clip one end to my phone using the little tether, and the other end of the little bungee cord to my belt loop or to my purse. I'm terrible about putting my phone down and then walking away and forgetting where I left it, and now that doesn't happen. Also, the tether is a workable length, but short enough so that if I drop the phone it doesn't hit the floor. Love it.


ROBERT from the USA 

5 Stars! Amazing Company, and they’ll actually talk to you

March 20, 2023

Had questions about the product and they responded to me on Facebook, very kind and helpful group. Product works exactly as expected so I'm happy!


FADOOZ from the USA 

5 Stars! Great Security Device

March 8, 2023 

Hooks up easily and gives me great sense of comfort knowing my phone is attached to me.



5 Stars! The Lanyard works great for me

June 4, 2022

This lanyard works great seems pretty durable. It does get hung up on things sometimes but the phone still stays were supposed to stay and I have not dropped it not want since I got this thing it has been a lifesaver.


JLYNN from the USA 

5 Stars! Love it

April 21, 2022

Love it!
Customer service is very quick to respond and quick to fix any issues.