Designed with sustainability in mind

What's the point of designing a product that helps our customers enjoy the best nature has to offer if the manufacturing and packaging of our product is done in a way that is harmful to the environment we are all trying to enjoy?

We manufactured a premium product in a country with stringent environmental and labour laws. Our employees get paid an actual living wage and our suppliers get paid a fair price.

We could manufacture for much less (in the usual manufacturing countries) - RRP would decrease, sales may increase and profits certainly would but quality would suffer (we know because we had multiple samples made to compare quality).

Maybe no-one else would even notice, but we would - and we're not having it!

Packaging is like the Action Sports Anchor, it's as simple and minimalist as it can possibly be and still get the job done.

And finally, you'll only ever need to buy one Action Sports Anchor - which reduces unnecessary consumption and waste. It's built to last a lifetime (of course you may want more than one for multiple applications or for family and friends).